In December’s weekly blog, I’ve looked at the concept of original design intent as it relates to commercial products and the processes by which they are produced. Original design intent, whether in the form of specs, a commercial deal or woven in to the fabric of Company founders, is really a concept about “context”.

And of all the roles in an organization, Scientists are the keepers of the “context”. Not only do Scientists develop the intellectual property that makes an Industrial firm valuable but also they preserve the very context of why the IP is important, how it contributes value to a product and ultimately a Customer. In my mind, the context is the key to unlocking everything of value.

When people lose their way in life, sometimes they head to Church or begin the study of some competing philosophy to get back on-track. When an Industrial firm loses its way, I recommend heading back to the lab – there’s no better place to be than among the men and women of science when you need to uncover the path forward!