The best Industrial companies, the ones able to grow both their EBITDA and EBITDA multiples, command a premium price for their products in the market.

The only way to command a premium price for your products, while growing your market share, is to have an Operating Plan, capable of meeting your Customer’s requirements for service and quality, 100% of the time.

If you are looking to make a transformational investment in your Industrial enterprise, consider partnering with Sheridan Management Group, LLC of Pittsburgh, PA. We offer a 13-week, on-site program, to rapidly upgrade your Operating Plan, to be able to deliver on your Customer commitments at a pace and with a focus that will put your Company on the path to market leadership.

For thirteen weeks, we will embed one of our leaders as your Acting Plant Manager, with the single mission of safely making and shipping quality products to your Customers. Starting with your morning production meeting and our core SQM™ Methodology, which is focused on a daily cadence of capturing and resolving safety, quality and maintenance events within your Factory, Sheridan Management will uncover the original design of your operating plan and refocus your Team around safety, Customer commitments, process design and ultimately product quality.

The Industrial firms able to command a premium price while growing their share of today’s marketplace, have figured out how to focus their entire organization on the right things.

Call Sheridan Management today to schedule a free, on-site assessment and take your first steps towards transforming your Company into a market leader!